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At present, AdveXis enjoys the services of a professional team who have been selected carefully .They have contributed in conducting different large and complex projects either as the head of the project or designer.

AdveXis is a young engineering company which despite its short period of establishment has been able to conduct important projects
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Some of these projects are as flows:

  • Office Nr. 1 and nr. 2 at Tiel.
  • University of Utrecht ABC Building.
  • Hospital LUMC in Leiden.
  • Buildings of Airport Gilzen-Rijen.
  • Hotel Le Coie at Jersey England.
  • Rabo Bank at Losser.
  • 20 prestressed concrete bridges in the railway project of BETUWE.
  • Three concrete bridges in IJBURG TOWN, Amsterdam.
  • Two prestressed concrete bridges in the trade zone of. LIJNDEN Amsterdam.
  • Two pre-fabricated bridges in express railway, AMSTERDAM-PARIS.

A great number of constructional projects including new sector in Leiden University of medical sciences, Alkemar COUNT and repairing and changes in residential buildings.